Thanks for your interest in praying for Australia! We are keen for you to see what God is doing in our great nation and register your participation in praying for Australia.

We invite you to register to pray for your local neighbourhood, municipal areas, cities, regions, states and nation – from anywhere on the earth on one map and calendar. We have felt the Lord’s urging for some time to offer a global website that enables people to be part of one online House of Prayer for All Nations.

So we are now introducing an early and simple form of the website: It offers a Global Calendar and Map with flames that indicate where people are praying. Put your group on the Map! Find local or online groups to join! Help build 24/7 ongoing prayer canopies over your region or nation!

The call to Pray for the Nations is continuous all year. Register your prayer or your prayer group at: to join the ongoing 24/7 calendar and map of prayer.

As many of you are aware, PIPES hosts an annual campaign, the 40 Day Prayer Relay, in association with Australia’s National Day of Prayer & Fasting – which will on Saturday 10 February 2018 in regional areas across Australia.

Our next 40 Day Prayer Relay will run next from 14 February – 25 March 2018. We are inviting local churches and groups to prepare now for how they can collaborate in local prayer relays to create a prayer canopy over their regions – anywhere in the world.

These calls to prayer and websites are ‘powered’ by grace through PIPES: Partners in Prayer & Evangelism Inc. You may like to visit us at to understand our heart and our little part in all God is doing. PIPES serves the body of Christ  - helping to connect churches and groups and as partners in prayer & evangelism - as His House of Prayer for All Nations and Local House of Prayer in their neighbourhoods. Pipes are uninteresting and unseen. Our focus is Jesus and our purpose is the delivery of His living water – eternal and abundant life. Our mission is that we will all overflow God’s blessing – the kingdom of heaven – on our neighbourhoods regions and nations.